The White Buffalo: Year Of The Dark Horse - Europe Viewing

The White Buffalo: Year Of The Dark Horse - Europe Viewing

Thursday, Sep 29, 2022 – 1:00 PM EDT

The White Buffalo

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My forthcoming album is a sonic and lyrical journey of one lunar year in one man’s life. Four seasons in 12 songs. Loosely based on my twisted truths and adventures. I wanted to show the seasonal effect on the heart and the mind. I also wanted to abandon, sonically, everything. Escape the acoustic clutches and genres I’ve been associated with and shackled to. I wanted to make my headphones album. Every song bleeds into the next. I then wanted to take it further and create a visual companion as an art film comprised of videos/vignettes for each of the 12 songs. Part performance art, part cinema. To take you, the listener and viewer, on this emotional roller coaster that is this album with a feast for the senses. I got four directors to each take three song sections of the album. Each taking a season into another. Winter to spring, spring into summer, and so on. This piece of art is made to be consumed in one sitting. Hopefully mildly sedated or elevated. Enjoy!! This is… Year of the Dark Horse.

Jake Smith // The White Buffalo

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